1870 map

This framed 1817 map was gifted to the Society in 2011 by Mr. Dennis Thacker.


(photo by Bill Jack)

It was reprinted and produced in 1999 by a Mr. James Campbell of Caledonian Books, at Ellon, in Aberdeenshire. It is dedicated to a Mr. John Grafson, for reasons unknown, seemingly by the mapmaker Grassom. In the nineties Denovan Church was purchased by Mr. Campbell from the Church of Scotland, with the intention of using it as a book depository. All of his historical law books and maps were brought to No.19 Winchester Avenue which was within walking distance, via the Dale Bridge, for storing, while he assessed the project at Denovan. He intended dismantling the gallery inside the church and installing racking but this was going to take some time. Meanwhile his health began to deteriorate and just after the turn of the millennium, he died. His books and maps were sold off, unfortunately somewhat ignominiously.

The map is a relief of Stirlingshire in 1811 and shows the parishes, town populations, old place names, distances between towns and villages and much more interesting geographical detail. It uses a grid of latitude and longitude degrees.

Denovan Church was subsequently resold and has now been converted into two houses with much of the original church features retained, even the bell.

Bill Jack     May 2012