Herbertshire Mill - Fankerton

This was built by William Moreland in 1789 being leased to James Liddell then to Daniel Macdonald in 1790.Numerous people leased the mills, Edward and Richard Collins, Francis Strachan and Gilbert Laing. Adam Grieve then Charles Laing.

Robert Weir papermakers of Glasgow in 1824 until 1833.

The mill was leased to Andrew Duncan in 1834 until 1860 a papermaker of Glasgow making writing paper, employing 50 women and 20 men in 1841 mostly living locally (2 men and 4 horses also employed to transport rags, coal and paper to Grangemouth for shipment to London).

The Paper mill was demolished to allow expansion of The Carrongrove Paper Mill near Fankerton in 1906.


Carrongrove  Mill - West of Denny near the village of Fankerton .

The paper mill was started by Gavin Glenny in 1825 until 1833 when he sold it to Robert Lusk. A serious fire broke out in 1841 after which the buildings were acquired by Robert MacRobbie who handed the business over to John MacRobbie on his death, in 1851 keeping the business going until 1855 when it again was sold to Robert Weir in 1858 who employed John Luke as manager who in turn procured his own paper mill at Headswood. The mill was once again up for sale being bought by John Millar in 1867 till 1875.

From 1877 Carrongrove Paper Mill traded as a mill producing coated paper and board becoming part of the Inveresk Group and the last paper mill on the Carron it closed in 2006.

Headswood - Sited on the Falkirk Road near the entrance to the Motorway.

Produced board. Closed due to downturn in market for board, it closed late 1970's.In 2012 the once paper mill now houses industrial units, one being  Specialised Castings Ltd the only foundry left in the Falkirk area.


The Vale

This paper mill produced board, it closed late 1970's.


The Anchor - Sited in Dunipace adjacent to the Anchor Inn

Alexander James and Robert Lusk owned the mill. They combined the three paper mills,
The Anchor,Headswood and The Vale under the flag of The Vale Paper Mills.


Stoneywood - Situated at Wester Stoneywood.

A paper mill and it closed late 1980's.



This was a lint mill becoming a chemical works in 1837 to be called Custonhall Chemical Works in 1865 owned by James Benny.