Several Heritage Trail leaflets highlighting this history have been produced by the late George Skelton of the Society and have been updated and are available free in the Denny Library.

Ancient and Historical Maps of Denny. Which can be viewed by contacting the Society.

Oral History Project

The Society together with Community Green Initiative engaged in an Oral History Project reflecting the way of life of workers in the local mills, bringing together local children who conducted the interviews with people who worked in the mills. The voice recordings, photographs, and video of the interviews were presented in an exhibition, on a website, and in a community calendar for 2010. Lottery Funding had been received to enable this to be done in a professional manner.
('To see the video select the button 'The Working Hours Video on the left')

A detailed insight into Carrongrove Mill
was presented to various groups in the Area.

The History of Cruikshanks Foundry has recently been completed and shown to the public.

History of 1817 Map on wall in of Heritage Room  (read more)

River Carron Weirs

In Central Scotland we have a much loved river called the Carron. Since early days it has served as a water supply, power source, nature resource, fish residence, suicide venue, invasion obstacle, swimming site, water transporter, sewage dump and shipping port.

It rises in the Denny Hills at Ordnance Survey Map Reference 64/623829, wends its way through valleys, and it, and its several tributaries, used to tumble over at least twenty two Weirs or Dams on its way to join the River Forth at Grangemouth. Many of these Weirs are long gone, though older hands may remember or know of some more, and if they do, we can add to the list.
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Castlerankie Prisoner of War Camp No 64

The camp was on the Castlerankie Road about a mile and a half from Denny in the field on the right as you travel west in front of the site of the Castle Rankine now only visible as a mound of raised ground.
During the Second World War there was a network of camps set up around the country and also in Canada to accommodate the large number of enemy prisoners.
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The new Dale Bridge
The new Dale Bridge was opened on Saturday 1st September 2012 and the opening ceremony was attended by members of the Heritage Society.
It was craned into position on Thursday 12 April 2012. (see more)

The Buttercup Dairy Denny
The Fruit Basket on Stirling Street was once the premises of The Buttercup Dairy Company.
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Oral History project
A talk has recently been completed and shown to the public.

On 22 November 2014 the Society held a WW1 Exhibition in the Heritage Rooms at 13 Milton Row, Dunipace (To see EXHIBITS Click on this LINK)