Cruikshank and Co (Denny Iron Co, 1870)

Cruikshank’s Foundry or Denny Iron Works as it was sometimes known was founded by Robert and Archibald Cruikshank in 1863, cruikshanks_window becoming a limited company in 1901 later bought by Thomas Shanks in 1914, his two brothers David and James joining him at the foundry some time later. The foundry was situated on  th e west side of Denny in Glasgow Road with a new office and boardroom built across the road in the 1930s.
(To the right is one of the stained glass panels from the boardroom
  door). Photographed at Callendar House by Moira Martin 2011

The foundry manufactured mainly agricultural equipment such as ploughs, animal feeders, watering and spreading machinery and ornamental iron work. Patents were awarded for “Tillyvator” and “Flintrite” as the foundry expanded into sowing, reaping and binding machinery. The First World War saw the foundry making rings or cleats for tarpaulins for ships hatches ordered by the MoD. The foundry was now a Controlled Establishment in 1915.Grangemouth was now closed as a commercial port and pig iron from Norway had to be brought by train from Middlesborough

1917 saw women working in the foundry as men were called up for national service.1929. The Factory and Workshop Act was introduced forcing the company to install better ventilation. (No Health and Safety in those days)

A large air raid shelter was built for the workers as production could not stop (near the Iceland shop and Car Park) The site now has a Sainsburys’, Fire Station and a small housing estate aptly named Cruikshank’s Court. 

The company could not compete in the overseas market as cheaper imported steel was brought in to Britain and the foundry finally closed in 1985.

Comely Bank - (Formerly Wypers)

Was situated in Broad Street.
Made mainly manhole covers.
An example of which is shown below
Photographed at Lowmoss Prison, Bishopbriggs by George McArthur Aug 2011

Manhole cover 2


Carronbank - (or Carrongrove)

Was situated in Lochpark Place
Founded in 1860

Duncarron Iron Works - (George Paul & Co. Ltd.)

Was situated in Broad Street
Founded in 1901 and closed 1978
Produced Heavy Engineering Castings and Farm Machinery.



Brass Foundry.



Cast Iron.

Was situated in Dunipace
Worked Cast Iron